Form to join “illegal letting” lobbying asociación ALOTCA

Update 29 March: It has just been brought to my attention that many will not have an actual email address to which to return this form. My apologies. The email address to send the signed form to is

I also have some notes to type up from an Alotca committee meeting yesterday afternoon/evening. They’ll be on here as soon as possible, hopefully later today.

Original post 26 March: Here is a link to download the form to join ALOTCA, the lobbying asociación to protest against the “illegal letting” clampdown, as well as negotiate with Turismo other aspects of their policies as detailed in the minutes and press release previously.


Simply click on the link, print off the form and fill it in. (The direccion/domicile box is for your address – the Tenerife address if you have one). I’m afraid you’ll then need to scan it and email it back to me: I wish I could provide an online one but this isn’t possible.

Please note that the Spanish underneath the form says that you are joining the asociación, and that your details are protected by Data Protection legislation. You also have the right to correct or remove those details, and withdraw from the asociación, at any point.


  1. I have been the owner of an apartment in an aparthotel complex for 10 years were the registered letting agent is the majority share holder of the site. My understanding the mix is 55/45% hotel/private owned. We have been advised that of the 1st May 2012 anyone using a private apartment who is not the actual owner will be evicted from the site, by force if necessary.
    I am not a serious letter but do expect family and close friends to be able to use ‘my’ apartment at my discretion. Whether I am reimbursed for this is totally irrelevant to this situation. I do have my own view and solution to this in the short term but are very interested to be kept up to date with the current situation and part of any campaign to try and change the law to be more flexible for owners particularly of single apartments. I do not and never have advertised for open market business in any form of media.

  2. Author

    This is absolutely illegal. Get a lawyer. An owner may use his or her own apartment in any way s/he pleases. “Personal enjoyment” does not require the physical presence of the owner. Demand to see the law they claim they’re quoting, and I repeat: get a lawyer.

  3. Andy we are in the same boat in our complex and have been told that any other guests that are not the owner will result in police being called, my daughters fiances parents are due out and some close friends and i am appaled at the situation

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