Free home delivery throughout Tenerife from new Guía de Isora organic fruit and veg business

A group of entrepreneurial agriculturalists in Guía de Isora have set up a business selling organic fruit and vegetables. As well as selling their produce in the Tejina Agricultural market, they are offering free delivery throughout Tenerife for minimum orders of €8. The above poster shows the phone number for ordering, and prices and delivery days – Wednesday for areas in the south, Friday afternoon/evening and Saturday morning for the north.


  1. Hola, English-speaking Australian (although keen to learn Spanish) living in Tijoco Bajo. We used to get our vegetables delivered in AUS and saw your website/link. Is it possible to put an order through? If so, what days would you deliver here? Thank you for your reply.

    Neil & Karina Luke

  2. Author

    I’m afraid the post is just a report of the service. You can’t order through my website. There is a phone number and an email address in the poster above to enquire direct.

  3. Hi we are coming to Tenerife on the 29th of December and would like to know where to get organic vegetables from. Can you help me please

    Thanks Jonathan

  4. Author

    Most areas have farmers’ associations which have markets locally … or regardless of area you can call the number on the poster above for a home delivery of organic veg.

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