Free low-energy lightbulb available from Tenerife post offices

Tenerife’s post offices have nearly half a million uncollected low-energy lightbulbs to give away free. In a measure announced at the start of 2009 by Spanish Prime Minister, José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, all Spanish households were to be given a low-energy lightbulb to encourage the idea of energy saving.

In the Canaries, however, the idea does not seem to have taken off, with 480,000 bulbs still to be collected, which represents a take-up rate of only 4%. The give-away period ends tomorrow, but is expected to be extended to allow people to get their free lightbulb.

The bulbs can be collected from any Correos with a voucher which was sent out with August’s bill. Unelco-Endesa think that the low take-up might be the result of including further advertising with that bill about the freeing-up of the electricity market, which could have resulted in people just disposing of the entire contents of the envelope, thinking it was all just advertising.

If anyone still has the voucher, or in some cases a bar code, which arrived with August’s bill, they can take it to any post office and will receive a low-energy lightbulb free. The Industry Ministry has apparently invested three million Euros in publicity campaigns for this measure, and I have to say that I haven’t seen anything about it until now.  El Dia

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