Free prescriptions for 70% of pensioners in the Canaries from tomorrow

Whether or not the forthcoming elections are responsible, this is now law, and from tomorrow a decree comes into force allowing pensioners and their dependents free prescriptions. Currently a charge of 10% is made for the medications covered but that will change from the day following its publication in the BOC. The only criterion applicable will be that the pensioner has an income of less than €18,000 a year, which statistics say is 70% of pensioner. The new measure is expected to benefit nearly 300,000 pensioners in the islands who will find their medication is provided free without any adminstrative requirement. The decree is HERE – if there’s a problem loading the page please just remove the “s” from the “https” in the URL.


  1. Dear Janet – a few months back you reported on prescription charges reverting to zero, but I am unable to find this article despite searching. I have just received , from my GP, my 6th monthly scrip (chronicos as they call it). Long term medications. My husband and I are both almost 76yrs. We both have long term illnesses but the scrips still display the 10% charge that was applied some years back with the financial crisis. Prior to this we had no charge. I queried this charge with my GP but she seemed unaware of any changes as did the pharmacy dispensing these scrips for myself and husband? Therefore, can you please advise what the situation is regarding this as to how we resolve this.
    Thank you Janet for your help.

  2. Author

    I’ve moved your question to the post concerned … if you go to the search box and just type “prescriptions” it is easy to find the post. I can’t explain why it didn’t work for you but the system is in operation and my own husband got a zero-rated prescription fulfilled just the other day.

  3. – Thanks for info Janet re scrips. My problem seems to be that my long term scrip – 6mnths – has at the top right that my charge is 10%, which as previously said came into being at the financial downturn. Before the 6mnth scrip we had the usual monthly scrip. Do I need some documentation to support this or should it automatically revert to no charge? When I did ask the pharmacy about this last week it was said that I might have to go to Soc/security for verification of income which has not changed. Problem seems to be the long term 6mnth scrip. Thanks Janet.

  4. PS Janet- the link for the Decree on your page comes up as error and not in use?

  5. Author

    Then I can only repeat the chemist’s advice to check with social security, I’m afraid. Apologies. As to the error with loading the link, it is a problem with their site’s security certificate. Just remove the “s” from the url’s “https”.

  6. From recent press reports the free prescription for pensioners applies only if one’s income is less than 13,000 Euros per annum.

  7. Author

    Yes, as I wrote above, and that applies to 70% of pensioners though I can’t speak for MPDewhurst of course!

  8. Janet, sorry but your link site has no url on it ? Just tells me an error and not in use.
    I am sorry to bother you but do you have the decree number or any reference details that I could quote – I have tried to find on line, to no avail. And my pension income, as is my husbands is below the limit!
    Thank you

  9. Author

    As I explained in my last reply to your earlier comment, the URL is the website address, the “www” bit. Before the www is an https. Remove the s.

  10. I have a 6 monthly prescription and from the day that the zero charge came in I haven’t had to pay for any of my prescriptions. I hadn’t renewed my prescription and have used 2 different chemists, it all just happened automatically.

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