FRESS – a very smart smartphone app

I’ve posted HERE and HERE about a recent visit to the 1-1-2 Canarias emergency hub  in Santa Cruz, and I want to finish the series of posts off with an explanation of an app for smartphones and tablets called FRESS 112. This app is a Next Generation Emergency Response, which allows emergency services to be called, or spoken to via an immediate messaging system, or for photos to be sent and, in the near future, videos too. Its possibilities as an enhanced crime reporting facility are obvious, for those witnessing an offence taking place and calling the police, as well as being a lifesaver for victims of crime or illness.

FRESS is a global system, which can immediately determine the caller’s location from the device using GPS and Wifi network data, and connect automatically to the nearest emergency services centre anywhere in the world. The messaging system, moreover, operates in real-time text (IM), not SMS, allowing proper conversation between caller and emergency centre, and evem automatically translates text messages if the caller is in a foreign country. This means that communication is possible at all times, in all situations, and regardless of language differences.

There is more information on FRESS HERE, and the app can be downloaded HERE. The 112 Canarias page about it is HERE. And there is also an AlertCops app available which can be downloaded HERE: it is specifically to report offences rather than general emergencies, but includes a geographical location, and cuts down reporting and responding time for crimes in progress.


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  1. This app has been around for while and wondered if anyone has used it and if they would care to share their experiences of it.

    I have just downloaded it and like others hope never to need it but its nice to know its available – as long as your mobile doesn’t get pinched !

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