From the mouths of children …

Many will have heard of Wingate School, a Cabo Blanco school providing education in English to all nationalities. One of the teachers there thought some comments here from readers were quite sad, some because of bereavement, others because of worries or fears, and so some of the pupils, all aged between 10 and 11, have written to In Tenerife‘s readers to try to help them feel more connected and less isolated. I think it’s a simply lovely gesture, and I hope you do too. Without further ado, here are some of their letters … written to you all by some young people who clearly have a social conscience, and a great future ahead of them. Thank you to them all!

From S:

Here in Tenerife, like everywhere else in the world, we are in lockdown during this pandemic ( Covid-19). We can only leave our houses for essential shopping and now allowed out for a walk. I know I am very lucky to have a family around me through this time, but I also understand that there are people out there who aren’t so lucky because they are by themselves. But you aren’t alone, we are here to support you.

At the moment, I am a student at Wingate school. The 12th of March was when we shut down. It was strange because it all happened in the space of like 20 minutes and after we went home it was confirmed we would be off school for at least 2 weeks. I think it has been something like 6 weeks now! From 9 am to 1pm, we have been completing our work. It is alright, but you don’t realise how much you like school until you are in lockdown. Did you used to like school ? Or dislike it?

Last week, we had a week off,  I didn’t miss doing work. I have been keeping busy by tidying my room, sorting through my wardrobe and keeping fit. I am pretty lucky because I have a really big garden. Everyday I complete exercise videos on Youtube with a man called  Joe Wicks and doing my own stuff too. If you have the internet, try it.  It is important to do exercise as it’s good for you mentally and physically.

When school is finished, I try different things such as baking. We have made all sorts of stuff ranging from cakes to even Indian food ! It has been quite fun. You should try! I also read more, like half an hour a day.

Finally, I just want to wish you well. hopefully soon this whole thing will blow over. Hopefully, we have brought a bit of comfort to you and I would love to hear from you.

Take care, SS

From SH:

I am a Year 6 student at Wingate School in Tenerife- so I understand the difficulties you must be going through. You are obviously aware of Covid-19, and you most likely know what it can do. I’m so very sorry that you are alone during this tough time. It is normal to feel: upset, angry, confused, ill and worried. You will probably feel these things because your life has been disrupted, and it’s okay to say that. Maybe say or write your feelings down to help understand why you feel them.  

I know that I’m a lucky person during this time; I have a wonderful sister, two loving and supporting parents, and a beautiful dog. I have a great teacher, who is always open to any questions that involve school or being stuck at home. In my opinion, he is coming up with really helpful things for us to do: on most days, he will get us to watch a live stream on Youtube – Joe Wicks – and it really helps. I even do it after school to help me stay active and healthy. Would you like to try it?

My advice for you: 

  1. Make a list of all the things you need to do.
  2. Make a list of all the things you want to do.
  3. Each day pick out different things to do.


  1. Make a table for each hour/half hour
  2. Write down which things you do when

Try to include: an active time (maybe when you do the Joe Wicks and another activity e.g skipping, jogging on the spot, etc), a relaxing time (you can sit down, sleep, watch TV, etc), and a ‘chores’ time (when you do the thing you NEED to do). If you’re not sure what things are remember something I’m going to pass on to you from my mother and father:MoSCow – Must Should, Could Won’t.

Just remember, you are never alone, even if your family isn’t there, the universe is looking out for YOU. You are special, and believe it, you shall be safe. Every person on this planet is helping you, just like you are helping them with just a simple thing, like getting up from bed every morning. Well Done! When we clap for the NHS, we are also thanking the people like you, who are bravely self-isolating. You should be proud!

Stay safe,


From L:

We are all living through tough times in the world right now, so I thought that I’d write a letter to you and to all the people who need it most. I wanted to let you know that you’re not alone and you never will be. I’m struggling at the moment, but fortunately for me, I’ve got people to help me get through it. As for you, I can’t even imagine what you’re going through. Now and then, I get a horrible feeling inside me, that is trying to let me know that life will never be normal again.

On the bright side of things, I’m extremely happy to now be able to go out for walks with either my mum or my dad. I always go on a walk with my dad. He’s hoping that adults will soon be able to go out for walks on their own as he can’t stand me chatting to him all the while. In Tenerife, where I live, we’ve been in quarantine for just over 6 weeks now, which is a long time if you think about it.

Currently, I’m a student in Wingate school. I’m in year 6 (juniors) but in September I will be in year 7 (seniors). I have been home learning but I would prefer being at school as it can be hard understanding what to do during lessons. On Tuesday, the Spanish government announced that all schools will be closed until September. It’s sad knowing that I’m not going back into juniors ever again.

Every night, me and my family will watch a film. We have already watched all of the Harry Potter films as me and my dad haven’t seen them, the Hunger games and all of the Rocky and Creed films – which I have already seen. I’ve also cooked spaghetti bolognese with my mum because we had to make a recipe as one of our lessons over the weekend. I play football for a team called ‘CD Buzanada’ and our coach has been putting on challenges involving kick-ups. I have completed every single one except for one where we had to do 15 kick-ups with a tennis ball. I have also got a new record of kick-ups that is 123 – which I am so happy about.

Finally, I hope that my letter has made you feel better. I hope that you stay safe, wash your hands, and stay strong. Soon enough, COVID-19 will die out and life will be somewhat better for me and for you.

Take care, 


From I:

As you are aware, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has had a dramatic effect on all the people, businesses, etc. We are confined in our houses till they find a solution to this problem. Till then you can only leave your houses for important work or to go and buy food. Some people are really struggling through this and are having tough times and don’t have family or friends to comfort them. I just wanted you to know that we are in this all together and that we are going to defeat the virus. 

I am a student from Wingate School in 6th Grade. Now that the school is shut, we do home school learning from our computers, although it is not the same working from screens. There are teachers-who are there-to support us and occasionally we have video calls to ask any doubts we have. Sometimes we do P.E on Youtube with a professional coach to ensure we all keep healthy. I do appreciate that we are continuing the lessons in order to avoid forgetting what we’ve learned. Did you like school when you were younger?

During my free time, I read mystery books and I never fail to do some exercise. How do you pass your time? The lockdown has helped me refine my cooking skills and made me learn new recipes. I grow a garden with everything up to herbs, flowers, vegetables and fruits. When I’m bored, I just sit on the sofa and listen to some of the entertaining podcasts that keep me engaged for hours. Even with some popcorn and a cozy blanket, I can enjoy a fun movie night.

I love to spend time with family and on the weekends we host themed parties and do some art and crafts together. Cards or board-games are our daily pass-time while we put on some music. Going through photo albums and remembering old memories is a good time to smile and laugh with your loved ones and a nice BBQ on a Sunday. Sometimes yoga de-stresses us after a long day and it not only improves mental well-being, it sharpens concentration. 

Lastly, I want to inform you that we will find a way out from this and we will be back to our daily lifestyles. I wish you good health and well being. I hope we find something that can help those who are isolated and are missing their loved ones.  

Thank you for your time and consideration. I hope to hear from you soon.

Kind regards,  


From J:

I live in Tenerife and the island is currently in lockdown due to Covid-19. My parents have only been allowed to leave the house for important reasons such as: shopping for food, going to the bank or the chemist. I am very fortunate that I have my family with me to help me through these difficult times. There are lots of people who are alone and must be finding it really hard without being able to see the outside world.

I attend Wingate School, but on the 12 of March my school was forced to close due to the virus. I am now being homeschooled by my teachers  during the week from 09:00 until 13:00. At first, this was quite strange, but now it is part of my daily routine. I really miss seeing my friends in person even though I am able to see them online. What did you used to enjoy most when you were at school?

In the afternoons, I make sure that I do some exercise. Fortunately, I have a garden, so I have been able to get some fresh air and do some activities. I enjoy playing football and riding my scooter. What activities do you enjoy? I have also taken a keen interest in cooking and baking. I help my dad prepare the evening meal and I enjoy baking with my sister. Do you have a favourite meal you like to cook?

I hope that you have enjoyed reading my letter and that we are all soon back to our normal lives. Please let me know how you are getting on and take care.

From K:

Here in Tenerife we are all in lockdown due to the nightmare virus (Covid-19 ). We are only allowed to go outside for an explainable reason , like food . You know, I am lucky – I have support from my parents , friends and family. They also comfort me and make time go quicker, but I know there are people that are not as lucky as me. And for the people , who are not as lucky as me, I just want to let you know, I am here to support you too.

Currently , I am a student of Wingate school . On March 12th, our school was sadly (or happily for some) shut down. Since then, I have been trying to do all of my home school work. We have support from our teacher from 9 :00 am to 1 :00 pm. I do not mind it , it’s kinda fun to do something during the day. It is really enjoyable to talk with my teacher . I didn’t think I enjoyed school so much, did you enjoy school when you were younger ?

I cannot wait to start school, it will be a miracle. But I would like to be at home a bit longer , but I will be so delighted to see all my classmates , friends , teachers , future teachers and the staff members. I will hug everybody and everything, if I even can.

I want to wish you excellent health, happy and safe lockdown. Soon the awful disease storm will disappear. Like they said , after a storm comes a rainbow, and one more thing, I hope I gave you a bit of comfort .


From M:

Right now we are in a lockdown due to the Coronavirus in Tenerife! That’s almost everywhere really. How are you feeling at this difficult time? I know things are hard and we only are allowed to go to get some food. My family is with me and we support and help each other at these times. I know you don’t have anyone, but don’t worry we will help you and accompany you.

Presently, there have been online homeschooling classes here, which I don’t like as much as going to School. We have the Online classes Monday-Friday, 09:00 am -01:00pm. I really miss going to School and I want to spend more time in my year 6 class before I go to the Seniors. Did you like School? It just shows how much I want to get back to school, and I just want to have some fun with my amazing teachers and friends. It just feels as if in your body you suddenly sense fear. Something like this is completely shocking, I never thought this would happen;I never thought these negative things would affect the environment. But hopefully, it will all be fine again. Did you get a shock about this quarantine because of the horrible Coronavirus?

Well, you may ask what did you do to pass your time? Well, I actually practise some sketching and I have made a painting in the quarantine holidays last week, when we had a week off school. I enjoyed it, but I still prefer going back to school. For some entertaining ideas, you could write back a letter to me and you could perhaps do some of your challenging activities: draw a self portrait perhaps! I also read a lot, but I am picky about certain books, I only enjoy books about murder mysteries that have some suspense and thrillers. Currently, I am reading “An Unwanted Guest.” It is by my favourite author: Shari Lapena. What types of books do you like? I also do some jogging since I have a treadmill at my house. What daily fitness activities do you do? Do you have any activities to keep you entertained?

I do yoga sometimes as well, it helps with meditation. Do you like yoga? Surprisingly, I haven’t baked anything yet, which seems odd because I actually want to bake. Do you like to bake anything? I also have a brother, so we entertain each other. I listen to some music just to settle things down and it just calms you. Sometimes, I try to memorize the parts of the human body because I want to become a surgeon when I grow up, what did you want to become?

In conclusion, I hope things will get better and I wish you good luck and health, stay safe. Hopefully, I have brought some radiance and have entertained you today. Just blow all of the negative things away from your brain and bring in any positive ideas and eventually, the Coronavirus will go away.

Take care,


From Ch:

I am a student at Wingate and I’m 11 years old.Your story is heartbreaking, I feel so sad for you, and I hope you are doing better now. My grandma in Poland is having the same problems as your wife had, she has 5 types of cancers, and got a lung removed. I can’t believe that good people always leave so early. It’s difficult to handle it because they are the best things that happen to you, but I’m sure that you will be able to handle it because I know you are a very strong person, not only on the outside but on the inside.

In my family, it’s only me, my two twin brothers and my parents. My brothers always annoy me, so it’s not that easy having fun. I’m a Spanish kickboxing champion, so sometimes I do a bit of training, but it’s difficult because my terrace is small.
The rest of my family is in Poland and in Germany, so I can only contact them on the phone. As you said, it’s not the same as seeing them.

I know you have been very alone these days, which is very sad therefore I made a poem for you:

Your heart is as strong as a story of love.
No matter how much you feel alone
You will always have someone by your side.
If it’s not her, it will be him,
If it’s not him, it will be us.
Your story is heartbreaking
But you’re not alone!
You are amazing and courageous.
Be yourself and no one else.
Soon, the evil will pass.

With lots of love,


From C:

As you know we are currently in lockdown due to this horrific virus (Covid-19), and we are only allowed to leave our house for a specific reason such as for food. But on Sunday, the president of the government informed us that we could go out to do exercise for example on your bikes. I know I am very lucky because I have my family around me to comfort me and I know that people, who are not as lucky as me, are having a hard time during lockdown. I just want to let you know you are not alone and we are here to support you through this too!

I am currently a student at Wingate School and on March 12th, our school was sadly shut down. Since then, I have been completing my work at home Monday – Friday from 9:00am – 1:00pm. To be honest, I don’t mind it- it makes the day go quicker. But surprisingly, I miss being at school! I actually thought I would never say that, but having children and teachers around is much better than working at home on a screen.

Two weeks ago, we had a week off homeschool lessons, and I actually missed doing work! But, I tried to keep myself busy by playing in my garden with my family. When I’m not doing schoolwork, I actually get bored, so I try to find ways to entertain myself. There are positive things about having a week off school though, for example going to bed late and waking up late in the morning.

During lockdown, I have actually experienced new things that I probably wouldn’t have if we’d been going to school, for example I started playing the piano using the internet. It took me a while to learn, but when I got the hang of it, I played some amazing songs. After a few days, my Mum found an online course to learn sign language, which I have started, but I’m only on level 4, there is still a lot left to go. Some of you might be wondering if I do sport and the answer is – yes I still find a way to exercise. I think that it is important to keep healthy physically and mentally. Do you like sports and what activities do you like to do?

Anyway, I just want to wish you to stay safe. Because soon this dreadful storm (Covid-19) will pass. I hope I have brought you a little bit of comfort and would love to hear from you. You are not alone and we are all here for you. We will get rid of the virus by working together every step of the way. Because we shouldn’t be scared of the virus, the virus should be scared of us!

Take care,


From B:

I have heard over the radio, TV, and phone over a raging virus (COVID-19) conquering as if it was a cloud rumbling with anger over the world and making people stay trapped in their apartments or houses. But hey, don’t worry, there are lots of things you can do while you’re in lockdown.

If you have some kids, maybe if your apartment is big, you could play hide and seek, or play some board games, or do some challenges online. But if you don’t, you could try doing some workouts on your own to get fit. Or you could make your very own book.

When school is finished, I tried to do different activities. I enjoy reading, particularly Percy Jackson and Heroes Of Olympus books. I read 2 and a half hours a day and it helps take my mind off things. Do you read or do you have any hobbies you enjoy? With my family, we have done some fun things such as movie night, baking, and playing in the garden. I have really enjoyed baking, and have made some tasty treats (cookies and cakes). Even though this disease has confided us to our homes, we can still make the most of it by learning new things. Do you like to cook or bake?

Do not forget, we will be here for you. If you need support, we will try our best. Don’t worry about it because it will be over soon. And try to stay fit. Remember, every day is a new day, and anything can change. And never forget, we are in this together.

From your friend,


From A:

I am a student here in Tenerife at Wingate School. We have been off school and receiving online lessons for the last 7 weeks due to the terrible virus COVID 19. Fortunately for me and my family, none of us have contracted the virus.

After 7 weeks of not being able to go out, we can finally leave the house. I was relieved and excited all at the same time because I was getting a little bored. The last few days I have been going out on my BMX bike with my sister and my parents. Along with the online classes, I have been trying to fill my days up with different activities- tennis on the drive, board games, but mostly my xbox. I play football for the Tenerife under 12 and they have been sending out activities for all of the team, the exercises are not very fun, but it keeps my fitness levels up. I would rather do it with my team than on my own.

I hope you are well and have not been affected too much by the situation perhaps if you are feeling bored you could try some gentle exercise. There are lots of online videos to watch and try. I have read that not only does it keep you fit, it also keeps your mind healthy too. I like reading, do you ? My favourite book is Mr Stink, written by David Walliams. It is about a man- who is homeless and he is very smelly! I won’t tell you too much about it in case you read it. What type of books do you like reading ?

This situation is affecting everyone in different ways, I just hope that you are not finding it too difficult and you are able to talk to family and friends. Hopefully over the next few weeks, we will be able to go out and interact more with other people.

Regards A

From Aa:

Over here, in Tenerife, we are on lockdown ( but children can go for walks with their parents) and so is the whole world because of COVID – 19 (coronavirus). I am one of the lucky people who have their family to comfort them, but some people can’t be as joyful as me. I wrote this letter to tell you from the kindness of my heart that you are not alone because we are here to support you too!

I am a pupil of Wingate School. Sadly ( or happily for some) school was shut down due to increasing cases of COVID – 19. Since March 12th, we have been completing online school from Monday – Friday, 9am – 1pm with our teacher being online. You can also finish your work after 1pm, but you wouldn’t be able to have support from the teacher. In my opinion, there are a few downsides, such as not being able to be with your friends, not being able to have an actual conversation with friends and teachers, etc. But other than that, it is great. We also put a few challenges for the rest of the class to do. I do them, but I just feel uncomfortable recording my attempts. Did you like school when you were younger or not? And are there things from school which you would want to do now?

A few weeks ago we had a week off lessons. I wasn’t as happy because I actually liked virtual lessons, it would also pass time really quickly, which is what I want. Other than that the thing that makes me forget about time is video games. I never keep track of time because I have so much fun playing games with my friends that all I do is laugh and talk with them. We barely ever get into fights. Did you get into types of fights with friends when you were younger? I also do daily workouts with my brother and dad. I have to keep fit and not only eat. Did you like any sport?

When lockdown first initiated, I was thinking, “ This is going to be the best time of my life” and by that I meant I could play online with my friends everyday. But I knew I still had to do schoolwork, such as homework, reading and practising playing the piano ( I do virtual lessons). One of my favourite parts is that we have a movie night every night! Even though we are in lockdown, we get to learn so many new things – which is much better because we can show it to friends and other family members after quarantine.

Finally, I just want to say, stay healthy, keep washing your hands and stay safe. Soon this virus will be cured, and once it has, life will go back to normal. I want to say this again, you are not alone, we are here for you to give you all the comfort you need.

Stay safe,



  1. Thank you to the children for their messages of hope. They are all very interesting. You are all very caring.
    Thank you also, for sharing with us, an insight into your lives during the pandemic. I hope we never see another one, but you all seemed to have coped really well.
    I was very impressed by your standard of English. Well done all of you.

  2. Janet – big thanks – wherelse would we have read this inspiring post? May i add real practical demonstration of kindness / humanity. —

    Community church based team this week delivered food for 800 meals. Just wish them well ( and a deserved rest when life returns to some ” normality”)

  3. Janet
    Hope 75th anniversary the world will be a better place after the virus
    Thanks Janet

  4. What an absolutely wonderful idea for you all to write such inspiring and thoughtful letters to people you have never met.
    It gives me hope for the future of the world when it has young people like you in it. You are youngsters now but one day you will be able to have a say in what happens. It is a great responsibility, but from what I have read in your letters, the world will be in good hands-
    One thing I noticed is that you all seem to have lovely families and, more than that, you truly appreciate how valuable that is.
    My partner caught this terrible virus and was very ill in Candaleria Hospital for two weeks. I had to isolate completely, on my own at home, not seeing or speaking to anybody for all the time he was fighting to get better. My family is in England but I have many friends here and I couldn’t have got through it without their help and support. I wish I could have seen your letters during that time, they would have helped me too. My partner managed to survive but it will be a long time until he is fully well, but many others have not been so lucky. Your letters have moved us both and we wish you a very bright , happy and successful future. Thank you

  5. What an absolute pleasure to read. Well done you wonderful young people and thank you for sharing.

  6. Reading your letters gives me hope for the future. I was reading your letters just when clapping for our NHS heroes started and I just thought that you young people are also heroes because not one of you expressed resentfulness or anger at this dreadful time you are going through. You are optimistic for the future and your optimism is an incredibly powerful emotion.
    You are all making the best of a bad situation in a truly inspiring way. Your family, teachers and friends should be proud. I suggest you keep these letters with you throughout your adult life. If ever you have a problem you can read them and remind yourself you survived lockdown. Well done

  7. Thank you children lovely words and advice we will all come out of this better people love to you all

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