Yellow alert for heavy rain tomorrow Saturday

yellow alert january rain

Update 28 January 7pm: There is now a yellow alert for tomorrow Saturday for heavy rain up to 60mm in 12 hours.
january showers 3

Update 28 January: and it’s still not over, with a borrasca threatened for the weekend bringing heavy and steady rainfall that might last until Monday or even Tuesday. The rains are forecast for the Canaries as a whole, starting today in El Hierro and La Palma, where alerts have been raised, and then moving east through La Gomera to Tenerife. Strong winds are expected at mediania and altitude.

Update 25 January 6pm: We’ve just had an almighty downpour on the west coast, but it does look as though the rain is passing now. From now, 6pm, Aemet’s yellow alert is just for winds on the north coast and at altitude: gusts of up to 80km per hour are forecast on the north coast, rising to 85 km per hour at altitude.

Update 24 January 11.30pm: AEMet has now raised the alert to Orange for heavy rains and strong winds, and costeros (wild seas) throughout the Canaries tomorrow Tuesday.  Thunderstorms are forecast bringing rain of up to 30 mm per hour, and up to 90mm in 12 hours. Winds are expected to gust up to 70 km per hour for the island generally, rising to 80 km an hour in the north, and to 85 km an hour at altitude. The orange alert for rain lasts from midnight until 6pm tomorrow Tuesday, and for wind until midnight tomorrow.

Update 24 January: The yellow alert is now set for 6pm, and the updated rain forecast is for up to 15 litres an hour/90 litres in 12 hours. The updated alert lasts until 6pm tomorrow, Tuesday.

Update 23 January: There is now a yellow alert for Tenerife tomorrow for rain of up to 15 litres an hour/60 litres in 12 hours. The alert affects the whole island, and starts at noon tomorrow (Monday), lasting until 7am Tuesday morning.

Update 20 January: The latest forecast for tomorrow is that the cloud should start arriving in the afternoon, with showers primarily in the north and west. The weather is setting in, now, for several days to a week.

Update 18 January: The calima is beginning to dissipate, and will continue to do so between now and Friday, but in its wake will come a week of rainy weather for the western province of Tenerife, La Gomera, La Palma and El Hierro. AEMet has repeated that this will be a mild winter, but says there will still be the occasional “borrasca” (low pressure/spell of bad weather) such as is heading for us on Friday. The winds that will come with the rains will only be felt at altitude.

Original post 17 January: From nowhere, a “fuerte” calima has arrived at the Canaries, affecting Tenerife worse than the other islands, and reducing the visibility at TFS Reina Sofía to 6km or so. The Met Office is saying it’s like a tongue of dust licking the Canaries from Africa, which is horrible imagery, but it makes the point. Take care out there, because the air quality is very poor today. PV

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