Funds for Fonsalía motorway spur diverted to road project in Lanzarote

The planned connection from the TF1 extension to the new port at Fonsalía has suffered a setback with the €4,500,000 funds for the project being diverted to one for a road connecting Arrecife with Tahíche, in Lanzarote, it has emerged.  A considerable part of the excavation for the motorway spur, as well as some bridge and road construction, has already taken place, and the plans look set to leave these works in their unfinished state at least throughout 2010. The photo above shows the project for the new port, which covers the entire coast between Alcalá and Playa San Juan.

The mayor of Guía de Isora, Pedro Martín, has said he wants to speak to the Department of Public Works and Transport before making any comment about the change in 2010’s budget, the reduction in which is at the root of financial planning problems, but the mayor of Adeje, José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga, has openly said that the news is difficult to swallow. Once more, he said, the south of Tenerife has lost out on funding for which it has been fighting for many years.

Alfredo Goñi, spokesman for the nationalist Coalición Canaria in Adeje Ayuntamiento, expressed severe disappointment at the change, and said that the full motorway plan, with the connection to Fonsalía was a priority, with south Tenerife roads in a precarious state, regardless of what the roads in Lanzarote were like. Sr Goñi said he would be talking to his colleagues in the Canarian Government, where the CC is in power, to try to get the decision reversed. The Adeje conservative Partido Popular said it would be doing the same with the PP in Santa Cruz, since the budget amendment was a result of both CC and PP decision-making.   El Dia

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