Further chaos in Arona as council fails to extend illegal maintenance work contract

It’s never ending in Arona. The municipality doesn’t have a PGO; it has new lifeguards but the case and outstanding payment of the old ones is still in court; there are several versions of the “Caso Arona” in court which could see jail sentences imposed on members of the past and present administrations; and several members of the ruling party are additionally in court for illegally keeping former mayor Reverón in power when the courts had ruled him corrupt and disqualified him from office.

All that is well recorded – for the various posts just put “Arona chaos” or “Arona court” in the search box! And now something else that has been building up over the past week. From today, the official contract deadline, Arona has no maintenance workers and 40 street cleaners are out of a job. The nationalist CC governing group failed to get enough councillors to turn up for the meeting so as to agree an extension to the contract of the private company which employs municipal cleaners who are supposed to keep the borough’s streets clean.

This is not just carelessness, it seems. Despite claims that mayor Niño is “away”, and another councillor, Marta Melo, has been “on the sick for a few years” (yes years = años), various political commentators say that councillors are now terrified of further charges of illegal contracts, not least because the municipality cleaning contract was one of those deemed illegal in March. And so now, scared to continue to act illegally, the governing group is blaming the opposition for not supporting it in its chaos and illegality, and is seemingly prepared to allow the situation to descend into utter farce. Where this leaves Arona and its maintenance workers, is, well, in the street. And likely to be none too clean streets at that …


  1. Does anything surprise you about how this Island is run, it appears to lurch from one cock up to another. With posts on this site and many others, who would want to ever invest here, unless you were mad or possibly one of the counsellor’s mentioned in the previous post

  2. Timely just after rates paid these take the basket not long ago municipal vehicle in crash and NO insurance, lifeguards and now hottest month and stinking streets, welcome to Arona you holiday makers.

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