Future Adeje Golf concerts could see Bruce Springsteen and Bon Jovi in Tenerife


Business leaders in south Tenerife have said that believe the concerts held in Adeje Golf recently have given a wake-up call to the tourist industry. Jordi Esplugas, of Canarias Sun Live Festival, the promoter of the concerts, said that the performances by Elton John, Simply Red and Rod Stewart Estos have raised both the quality and image of Tenerife, as well as the commercial possibilities of businesses which depend on quality tourism.

Canarian businesses have invested over 3 million Euros in the three concerts, and have created a parallel economy of more than 15 million Euros, with over 900 million publicity hits. The end result is a tourism that appeals to the young and offers a product that is clearly different.

Sr Esplugas said that the Canaries is the only place in Europe where such events can be held in the open air throughout the year, and that these three concerts were not one-off events. In a tantalising glimpse into future concerts, he said that Canarias Sun Live Festival was currently in negotiations to stage artists like Carlos Santana, Andrea Bocceli, Bruce Springteen, Elton John again, and Bon Jovi, amongst others. C24H

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  1. You knew this yesterday??????

    Springsteen is the ONLY person in the world I would queue to see live!!!!!!

    Still am not holding my breath. I wonder if Sr Esplugas realizes that all of the performers mentioned are in the their 60s (well, not sure of Bocceli’s age) so how does he figure, I wonder, that the appeal is to the young?

    Also we were selling tickets for Rod Stewart at the place I was working at the time, and the buyers were more like the Golden Girls than teenage groupies!!!

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