Garachico road suffers fresh rockfalls

Photo: Carreteras.

Photo: Carreteras

Updated 6pm: The slow lane heading towards Santa Cruz has been closed at the rockfall point. Clearly another night’s work beckons for road teams.

Updated 6 January: Carreteras says that there has been renewed rockfall this afternoon at the same part of the road. There is no indication at present of closure but clearly drivers need to take care.

Updated 1pm: Carreteras says that they will be carrying out works overnight tonight to repair the carriageway surface broken up by the falling rocks. The two lanes of the TF42 will be closed in sequence at the rockfall point between 10.30pm tonight and 6am tomorrow morning. This will keep the road open to all traffic but with some disruption between those times.

Updated 3 January: The TF42 has been reopened overnight, Carreteras says, and is now fully functional in both directions. Works to secure the banking continue but the road is again clear for motorists.

Updated 5.20pm: The Cabildo’s Public Works director has said this afternoon that the TF-42 between Icod and El Guincho should reopen to traffic tonight. Obviously there’ll be further confirmation in due course.

Photo: Carreteras

Updated 2 January: The Tenerife Cabildo’s roads department says that vertical rockface specialists are now on site and working to secure the banking so that the TF42 can be reopened as quickly as possible. Some 15,000 are affected by the continued closure of the main trunk road to the Isla Baja, and some drivers are complaining loudly of the lack of signposting for the sole detour available. Carreteras says that they are aware of the problems the closure is causing locals and are working flat out to restore normality but that security of road users must be the priority.

Updated 1 January 2019: The TF42 Garachico road remains closed this morning as road teams continue not just to clear the carriageway but to shore up and secure the banking from which the rocks fell, and this requires specialists in vertical rockface works which will start tomorrow morning. Carreteras says that the diversions established last night remain in place because large rocks could still fall, and that drivers will be advised as soon as possible that the road has been reopened.

The 6pm rockfall came within two minutes of a 1.6 tremor which was registered by IGN at 5.58pm at a depth of 12km near the Roque de Garachico: seismologists say that it is therefore highly likely that the two events are related. Carreteras has released this video from the scene.

Original post 31 December 2018: An earth tremor in Garachico has resulted in a rockfall that means the TF42 between El Guincho and the town has been closed, and security services say that the lack of light means they cannot be sure that the banking is secured. As such the road will remain closed until daylight. The tremor was 1.6 magnitude at 12 km depth with epicentre in the sea near the Roque de Garachico, and occurred just before 6pm. Access for anyone needing to drive from the Isla Baja is via El Tanque. This video is from the Cabildo’s roads teams.

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