Genetic study shows original Canarian Guanches were Berbers from north Africa

The origins of the population of the Canaries have at last been confirmed. Thanks to a genetic study carried out in the University of La Laguna by Spanish and Portuguese scientists, the original Guanche inhabitants of the islands are now demonstrated to have been Berber, a North African people originally from anywhere west of the Nile valley, but nowadays primarily from Algeria and Morocco. Perhaps one of today’s most famous Berbers is (French) Algerian international football star Zinedine Zidane.

One further detail of interest has arisen from the research, namely that the European genetic line in the current Canarian population has come predominantly through the male line, while the female line has overwhelmingly carried the Berber genes. This strongly suggests, say researchers, a high degree of early conquest unions between European males and native Guanche women, though whether this is because of the well-known phenomenon of rape as war crime, or a genuine merging of the conqueror and conquered is, of course, impossible to determine.  Canarias24Horas

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