German holidaymaker has 0104 E.Coli strain

Update 9 June: The director general de Salud Pública de Canarias, José Díaz-Flores, has confirmed this afternoon that the 36-year-old German holidaymaker has the dangerous strain of E.coli. Sr Díaz-Flores said that the laboratory of the Centro Nacional de Microbiología has confirmed the strain as 0104 of the German outbreak.

The chief of the Servicio de Epidemiología canario, Domingo Núñez, said that it was important to keep things in perspective, and that although a severe strain, the vast majority of cases evolved without complications: in the world, 720 cases have resulted in serious problems where some 2,023 have not, as is the case with the German holidaymaker. Sr Díaz-Flores added that there was no risk of catching the infection here, but stressed that the public should adhere to the general recommendations for hygiene and food treatment.  PV

Original post 8 June: The Consejería de Sanidad is analysing a case of E.Coli in a German citizen who is ill in Tenerife. The patient, on holiday here from the Hamburg area, is said to have been released from hospital, and to be suffering “slight” symptoms. The case has been notified to the European Epidemiological Vigilence System via the Ministerio de Sanidad, Política Social e Igualdad.

The health services say that in accordance with established procedures, samples have been taken for tests after a case of bloody diarrhoea was detected in a German citizen in a Tenerife hospital. It seems that at present it is confirmed to be E.Coli, but confirmation is still pending from the laboratory of the Centro Nacional de Microbiología as to whether it is the same dangerous O104 H4 strain involved in the German outbreak.  PV

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