German walker dies in Teide national park

Photo: 1-1-2 Canarias
Photo: 1-1-2 Canarias

Emergency services including two helicopters were in action this lunchtime in rescue efforts for a German walker who suffered a heart attack while  hiking in the Teide national park. Sadly, the efforts of SUC paramedics and a GES search and rescue team were in vain, and the man died this afternoon.


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    No, I’m terribly sorry but this is a different incident, on the 18th, and on Tenerife, not La Gomera. I heard about your cousin’s terrible accident on La Gomera but I don’t generally report news from the other Canary islands. I’m sorry I can’t help, and wish you well in your investigations. My sympathies.

  2. hi, was this on dec 8?
    I am searching for information on the death of my cousin (from Germany, too). He was on LaGomera and left the hotel for a walk after lunch while his wife took a nap. He never came back. On dec 10 he was found dead at the foot of a hill by a helicopter. Each bit of more information would be good – and I could sort out what of the possible facts would be helpful knowledge for the close family. I understand that his wife was so shocked that she immediately took the plane back home, so they probably could not inquire more and so many questions are left open.
    Are there search and rescue dogs working on LaGomera who one could have hired immediately?
    Any news are greatly appreciated

    (by the way he is an experienced climber but no plans to climb are known this time)

  3. We saw this happen on the afternoon the heli was flyin over, police and ambulance were there and send us away.

    is there is someone who wants more info? contact my

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