German woman in custody after her children were found living in cave in Guaza mountain

The story is still rather confused, but certain central details are now reasonably clear. Arona Policía Local have taken two German children, girls of 7 and 10, into care after finding them living in a cave with a man, also German, said to be a friend of their mother. From the confused reports, it is possible to establish that at some point in January social services became involved when the mother was living with her daughters in a shack on or near the beach in Los Cristianos. She promised to take them to school, but seems to have left them with her friend, who promised to take them for her. Neither mother nor friend did in fact take the girls to school and police were ordered to find the family. They have now located the children with the mother’s friend in a cave in Guaza mountain, taken the mother into custody, and are attempting to find the girls’ grandparents in Germany.


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    And only today the council was congratulating itself on its success in liaising with camping organizations and local caravan owners to avoid causing a problem. This seems a regular self-congratulatory PR exercise, with no result so far that anyone can actually see.

  2. There has been an on going problem for some long time in this area of Los Cristianos with Camper vans, Caravans and Campers the council have been informed on a regular basis and in fact the Mayor of Los Cristianos at the Arona Town Hall in Arona has been spoken to in person by concerned local residents on many occasions about this with no result it seems that when eventually some one has put this problem on Face Book some action has been taken we hope that now the police will take some action at the moment the camper vans have moved opposite Paloma Beach complex and are parked illegally on the road we will wait and see if any action is taken against them we understand that they can stay there for 72 hours but then move on we shall see.

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