Germany extends no-fly advice to Canaries as Ashotel fears it will reduce tourist numbers to zero

Yesterday, Ashotel President Jorge Marichal expressed his fears that a forthcoming reappraisal of travel restrictions by the German Government could see the Canaries included on the no-fly advice that already applied to Spain but excluded these islands. Marichal felt sure that bad news was coming and only wondered quite how far the anticipated German restrictions would go. As he said just a few days ago in Parliament, however, if Germany were to decide to advise against travel to the Canaries “we will see zero tourists again in coming days”.

Today we know the worst, and it is the worst of Marichal’s fears. Germany has extended its no-fly advice to the whole of Spain, including the Canaries. The German Foreign Office has said that the resurgence of cases nationally has been the determining factor. Just as travellers returning to the UK, those flying back to Germany will now have to go into home quarantine.

¿Y ahora qué? …

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