German ad campaign says heroes stay at home

Updated 17 November: And here’s the third and final ad in the campaign … it’s easy to be a hero! 

Updated 16 November: I didn’t realise when I first posted this yesterday (and today El Pais and the BBC are both carrying it too!) but the advert is one of a series. Here’s the second one.

Original post 15 November: I hope you find this video from the German Government entertaining. I think it’s so very well done. The video, which has English subtitles, is in documental form, with elderly men looking back at their life in their 20s, how they stood up for Germany against a foreign enemy … except of course this isn’t about elderly German soldiers reviewing their experiences under the Nazis but is set some 50 years in the future, and is the future of Germans who are now in their 20s! 

They are expessing how they stood up against the external foe that they were facing “in the winter of 2020”. How they did everything they had to, all they were asked to, for the sake of the Fatherland. It has all the hallmarks of a wartime review documentary … until halfway through, when they say that they did everything … which really meant doing nothing. Nothing at all. Nothing except watching TV, eating pizza, sleeping, using their living room sofa as their front line.

What they sum up as the main thing they did, as sane and patriotic heroes, was staying at home. Defeating the virus by not going out, not going away, not going abroad. This seems problematic to many, but the clear message from the German Government, at least, in this video is “Tough!”. Heroes keep their “arses at home” to fight the spread of the virus using their own patience as the weapon to fight with. So do nothing, be as lazy as a racoon (in English we’d say sloth, I think!) and in that way, you will be patriotic, sane, and a hero in this our current war.

The message from the German Government.


  1. Well said Janet. How can anything designed to drive home the need to use your intelligence and o behave responsibly and not selfishly in a global pandemic be thought of as “propaganda?

  2. Good one. No doubt the underlying meaning will be too obscure for many.

    1. Author

      And of course the situation of a plague is not new, so it’s nothing really to do with how good or not the Germans are at “wartime propaganda” … they just happen to be one of the Governments right now dealing best with the outbreak and public reaction … perhaps the result of a highly educated scientist as head of Government. Someone said to me only the other day that encouraging safe behaviour was “stupid”, that it was a shame I had no common sense, and maybe my degrees got in the way. All evidence suggests that common sense and education go somewhat hand in hand.

      THIS, anyway, is a brilliant read and shows that “stay the **** at home you idiots” is not a new idea, nor propaganda … just the sane trying to deal with those who put “personal pleasure over the common good”. Seems it’s an age-old problem that even though it might be “understood how the plague was spread. All that remained up for debate, as it still does now, was how best to implement the restrictions.”

  3. Yes I think they always did a good line in wartime propaganda.

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