Gibraltar joins the Schengen Area

Posted by Mencey

The relevance of Gibraltar to Brits in Spain is that Gibraltar is or was a popular place to get married under British law. Now, something that no doubt the UK government does not want to shout about, a draft treaty was agreed a few milliseconds before the transition period of Brexit ended which relates to the status of that British Overseas Territory. The population of Gibraltar had voted overwhelmingly for the UK to remain in the EU, but they were outvoted. The consequence of that is that Gibraltar is now part of the Schengen area, and the physical border between Gibraltar and Spain will disappear, providing free movement to and from Spain. Anybody entering Gibraltar by sea or air will now have to go through border control twice, one by Gibraltar, one by Spain. Spain will thus be able to refuse entry to anybody arriving in Gibraltar. The details are given in this English version of El País. Nominally, the sovereignty will not be affected, but anybody clinging to the idea that Gibraltar is still British is in denial of the reality that Brexit has resulted in a fundamental change in its status. But please do not tell anybody, it might upset people.


  1. So, a headline such as “GIBRALTAR SIGNED OVER TO SPANISH CONTROL”…..
    Possibly a bit infamatory?
    Heh, heh, heh 😈

    1. Author

      Presumably you mean inflammatory, and such a headline might be so, but that wasn’t my headline, so what’s your point? The article is about the relationship between Spain and the UK, a subject which I thought might be of interest to anyone British living in Spain, which is after all the target audience of this blog.

      1. Author

        Simple fact is that Gibraltar has figured fairly largely in my mailbag over the years because people wanting to marry here, who can’t because “bureacracy”, have gone to Gibraltar to marry under UK regs and then returned here to have a beautiful “wedding” carried out by one of the several excellent “celebrants” here, so like a blessing in the UK after a civil ceremony in a register office. This interest means that the situation of Gibraltar’s border is current, of interest, and relevant to British readers “in Tenerife”. If it is inflammatory or controversial, it is because Brexit has made it so, and there was an easy remedy to that … which was rejected. Not the fault of this website … by a country mile.

  2. I wonder, will it now be possible for flights from Spain, for example from Tenerife, to fly to Gibraltar? . . . . .

    1. Author

      I see no reason why not. Flights shouldn’t be affected whatever border controls are in place for different nationalities. Whether one can get in and be allowed to stay, or move on, is one matter, but physical flights should continue because they’re a commercial rather than immigration matter.

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