Golden Mile works to finish this month

Photo: Tenerife Cabildo.

The works on the Golden Mile in Playa de las Américas should be finished this month. Tenerife President Carlos Alonso says that the improvements and remodeling of Avenida de las Americas will generate greater economic activity, and employment, throughout the area. The president was visiting the area with the Canarian Government’s Director General of Trade and Consumer Affairs, Angeles Palmero, the Cabildo tourism minister, Alberto Bernabe, and the mayor of Arona, José Julián Mena.

The works, which have involved an investment of over €4m, have been co-financed by the Canarian Government, the Tenerife Cabildo, Arona Ayuntamiento, and local businesses. They have involved the creation of a pedestrian priority zone, road resurfacing, widened pavements, and better accessibility for the public and local businesses by the elimination of the rows of parking spaces. The entire lighting and drainage systems have also been renewed.



  1. As a non resident, l thought the whole idea of improving the “golden mile” was to make pedestrian movement much more enjoyable rather than the congested and tight pavements that have been used over the last 17 years. I personal would rather walk about this area with its fantastic shops and restaurants and take it’s wonderful setting than take a taxi,car or bus to the various malls that have sprung up over the last few years even with it’s “free parking” and “cheaper designer labels”

  2. In Siam Mall there are two good quality men’s clothes shops where in my opinion clothes are quite a lot cheaper than the eqivalent quality in the UK.

  3. Author

    My experience is different … and I thought I was saying it explicitly, rather than “insinuating”. Maybe as a resident I just shop for different things, and Siam Mall offers things that the Golden Mile doesn’t. And my name is Janet …

  4. Jane, it looks like you are insinuating that Siam M and Gran S are cheaper than the Golden Mile … as a regular visitor I can assure you that in the South of Tenerife nothing is cheap.
    To continue the trend you can safely call Siam M “the Golden Center” with their designer labels and prices inevitably inflated.

  5. Looks lovely, but it is a nightmare to park anywhere, the same has happened to San Eugenio, all contributing to people going to Siam Mall with its free parking.

    1. Author

      I think the general idea is that it’s a prime tourist area, and as visitors, they are brought in by buses and then stroll around, enjoying, relaxing … and spending. This is why the pavements have been so widened. The overtly declared priorities for the area were tourists and local businesses. Residents are expected to go to Siam Mall, Gran Sur and the like – and indeed, few would go to the shops in the Golden Mile with their designer labels and prices inevitably inflated for the wealthy tourist market. This was an active choice based on tourism policy, not an oversight or error (this is in response to other reactions, not yours, David).

  6. It looks lovely. The men worked through the night to finish it. Very spacious pavements only marred by the double buggies!!

  7. It was looking fab in January looking forward to seeing it all finished visit about 3 times a year an amazing place a job well done an even more beautiful place

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