Golf del Sur and Callao Salvaje supermarket attacker gets away with €1,400

The Guardia Civil is seeking the perpetrator of two robberies with violence which were probably committed by the same person. The events have been caught on security camera, and the attacker did not cover his face, though he was wearing a baseball cap.

The assaults took place in branches of a “well-known supermarket” chain (almost certainly Hyperdino), the first last Tuesday evening in the Golf del Sur, and the second in Callao Salvaje on Wednesday. In both cases, a foreigner believed to be Romanian approached a cashier with an small article and, upon handing over a €5 note, waited until the till was opened and then pushed the cashier and stole the contents of the till drawer. He got away with over €1,000 from the Golf del Sur attack, and around €400 from the Callao Salvaje one.  El Dia

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