Gomasper files for bankruptcy

Canarian construction company Gomasper has gone into receivership, with GZG Consultores Mercantiles appointed as administrators. Gomasper has been responsible for some of the most well-known and much-loved complexes in south Tenerife, including El Mirador and Dinastia in Los Cristianos, and the Parque Santiago complexes in Playa de las Américas. The company will perhaps be one of the most familiar victims of the ongoing property crash, in which there is little sign of recovery despite official pronouncements that “things are looking up”.



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    That sounds normal. Any owner can present themselves at any point, however, at the administrators’ office to check for themselves. I don’t know about the law Carol is referring to. She could be referring to a derrama of more than 3 months’ community charge for things that are not essential facilities (repairs, emergencies, etc), but I don’t know of a “new law”.

  2. response to hugh and janet. thank you hugh for puting it on this site. when we had the agm in may there were what they called accounts
    which we did not get until the meeting-how can you read and digest them in such a short time. they were passed by a slight majority because mr suarez has a majority and also one of his companies (tenebrava) runs the holiday business and the community. they also paid 30000 euros to another one of his companies.
    i asked to see these accounts in january and february.writing on a piece of paper means nothing they need to be backed up by bank statements and receipts.
    this is just a small summary of what is going on.
    i have said on this site before the laws need changing.
    can you tell me anything about the law that carole was referring to where you dont have to pay for unnecessary work and what is classed as unnecessary work.

  3. We thought we were unlucky because Gomasper owes our complex money, but your complex is in a worse position. The Spanish on our complex are refusing to pay the 5% increase on our complex because a new law in Tenerife says you can refuse to pay for unnecessary work, or so our management company have told us. Who decides what is necessary I wonder.

  4. I can assure you Hugh that it”s not the most expensive and this is just another example of unfair sole letting agents who also own a number of locales and apartments. You need to be very strong to fight against this sort of domination.

  5. Gomasper built our complex Granada Park. They still own a large number of apartments and locals in another company name. Because of their majority they also run the Community and Pedro Suarez was the President. One of the owners asked to see the accounts but they have never been shown them.(janet you say it’s the law that an owner can see them). At the AGM in May Mr Suarez put the community fees up almost 50% .for a I bed apartment it is now around 240 euros a month +water and electricity. Think this is probably the most expensive in Tenerife. Also on top of this he ordered a Derrama for work totalling 47000 euros- we have now found out that this work has been done by a company owned by Oscar Suarez son of Pedro Suarez.

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      Accounts must be approved by vote at each AGM … difficult to do that if they aren’t available for people for see, but it would be unusual for them not to be available at the start of each AGM. As for the community fees, this is a community decision, not the president’s, same for a derrama, and they have to be approved by an AGM or EGM.

  6. not exactly bankrupted in the true sense of the word,the Suarez
    family are multi-millionaires

    1. Author

      The post is about the company.

  7. how can pedro suarez be the administrator for the bankruptcy – he is the owner of gomasper

    1. Author

      Error in my initial post, which I’d already corrected.

  8. I had the honour of managing their website and internet marketing for several years. It’s such a shame because Mercedes and her family at Gomasper have tried their best … I wish them all well as they go through this difficult process.

  9. A very sad time Janet. I had the pleasure of working with the company from 1984 to 2005, the company built many developments including Parque Santiago 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 and many more. My most sincere regards go to Pedro Suarez the founder.

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