Google cars on Tenerife streets again as the company updates the island’s online visibility

Google is updating its images of Tenerife for Google Street View, Google Maps and Google Earth. The company’s distinctive cars will be seen in many roads and streets throughout the island over the next several days obtaining high resolution images to improve the island’s online visibility. I will be interested to hear of anyone who sees one: unlike the previous nondescript version, these cars are not only distinguished by the camera mounted on the top but are brightly painted with a google map and with green doors with “Google maps Street View” written on them.


  1. Hola! Yo vivo en Tenerife en Playa de San Juan.
    Hoy yo he visto el coche de Google Maps en Los Cristianos.
    Quiero contactar con este grupo hace un año. Tiene algo idea como puede ser eso?

    Un saludo

  2. Author

    Pues, no lo se, lo siento …
    Bella’s asking about getting in touch with Google cars, she saw one in Los Cristianos yesterday. Does anyone have any ideas?

  3. In response to Bella , she could join Google+ , similiar to Facebook . they seem to have an interactive page HERE.

  4. Hi, yesterday afternoon the car was in Callao Salvaje.

  5. Bella could also try HERE for guidance .

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