Government stops employers sacking staff on grounds related to covid19

The Spanish Government has banned “objective dismissals” during the covid19 crisis. Sacking staff is prohibited with immedate though not retroactive effect. Minister for Work and Social Economy Yolanda Diaz said that “no-one can use this health crisis for their own gain, or use Covid 19 as an excuse to sack staff”. The ban applies to dismissals for “fuerza mayor” or on economic, technical, organizational or production grounds that employers might claim are justified by the covid19 crisis. 


  1. Thanks anyway Janet and keep up the good work

  2. Nothing we can do then. Have already tried. It isn’t right. What is the marina classed as? New people are still arriving . Where from? Are they classed as a hotel do you think or if not what? This really isn’t acceptable

    1. Author

      I don’t know Carole, I’m afraid. Have you got the Alert Cops app? Just thinking of alternative ways … and many Policía Local forces have at least an unofficial twitter profile. Many have FB pages … use their social media channels.

  3. Hi Janet. Have been following your site for years now and thank you so much for all the information you are providing now. This isn’t a question but really don’t know what else to do or who to ask. We are on the front of Amarilla Beach near the marina. Every day without fail people ( nearly all off boats on the marina) are walking along the coastal path in front of our apartment going swimming. Snorkelling playing on the marina beach area with children, groups doing exercises, swimming in the sea. Everything!! We have phoned the police twice but nothing. Cannot afford to keep doing that as we have an English phone. We have emailed the marina asking them to try and sort this out but no response and no action. Don’t know if there is anything you can do but thought I would ask as people here obeying all the rules are getting more and more upset. It is just wrong

    1. Author

      I agree, but phoning the police is the only option, I’m afraid. You say you’ve phoned “the police” twice. Make sure you call all the police . so San Miguel Policia Local, on 629 23 26 23, and the National Police and Guardia Civil on 091 and 062. Sorry, it’s the only solution … it’s not the Marina’s job to police this, but the police’s.

  4. Janet thank you for your excellent and very helpful news updates. Your posts are really useful.

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