Granadilla Ayuntamiento reopens Leocadio Machado beach

Updated 7 September: Granadilla Ayuntamiento has reopened playa Leocadio Machado after analysis showed the water fit for bathing. According to the latest analysis, the E.coli registered is now at 33ufc/100 ml, with a “safe limit” of 500 ufc/100 ml. Readings at the main beach are 5 ufc/100 ml and 19 ufc/100 ml in Playa Chica. As I’ve reported previously, the council has commissioned an independent technical engineering review of the sewage network, and meanwhile, no doubt with an eye to public scepticism because of the algae situation, the council has released the results of E.coli and Enterococcus analysis for Leocadio Machado beach from the last few years: they can be seen HERE.

Original post 5 September: Granadilla Ayuntamiento has closed Leocadio Machado beach as a precautionary measure after analysis found a small level of E.coli contamination (550ufc/100ml with permitted level of 500ufc/100ml). The council says that only this one beach is affected, and given the readings which represent a minimal health risk, it should be reopened some time tomorrow if subsequent analysis shows the level has dropped.

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