Atogo-Fasnia dog refuge saga continues

Update 9 May 2013: Fasnia Ayuntamiento has threatened to close the new refuge to which the Live Arico dogs were moved last year because it still lacks a licence. Mayor Damian Pérez said that if the Cabildo delays any longer in handing over reports to request the licence, the local authority will order the closure of the shelter which has now been open nine months. Mayor Pérez said that the municipality had asked the Cabildo twice for the documentation needed to obtain authorization.

Update 18 August 2012: Granadilla Ayuntamiento has now closed down the Atogo refuge, which was run by Live Arico, and removed the dogs to a refuge in Fasnia. The Ayuntamiento says that some 10,000 kilos of rubbish has been removed from the Atogo site, and confirmed that Live Arico collaborated with Cabildo staff in the transfer of the animals. The Fasnia refuge will be run by the Federación Canaria de Asociaciones de Protectoras de animales y Plantas (Fecapap). Proceedings against Live Arico have now been started by Granadilla which the Ayuntamiento said should be resolved in the next few months.

Original post 17 July:  Granadilla Ayuntamiento has decided unanimously to act against an animal refuge in Atogo because of its “unwholesome conditions” and for lacking the relevant administrative authorizations  to operate. Mayor Jaime González Cejas said that the refuge, which does not have a licence, has become a dog shelter “of worrying proportions, cramming in some 400 dogs”.

Deputy mayor Esteban González said that the situation is creating a health risk both for humans and animals and that the Ayuntamiento had no alternative but to initiate proceedings, both in terms of a fine (expected to be somewhere between €150 and 1,500) and for the transfer of all the animals to the Finca La Valeria de Fasnia, which has been adapted by the Cabildo and equipped for such numbers of dogs. The Ayuntamiento said it would now be notifying the refuge of the municipal decision and that it trusted it would comply with the ruling to avoid further harm to the animals.