Granadilla binmen call off rubbish collection strike after Council makes up missing payments

The strike has been called off. It has been announced this afternoon that Granadilla Ayuntamiento has decided to pay the outstanding wages of the 79 affected employees itself. Carmen Nieves Gaspar, mayor of Granadilla, has already begun to make the payments via council cheques to the workers, who have now returned to work.  La Opinion

Update 27 December: Granadilla bins are overflowing and rubbish is now piling up in the streets thanks to the strike which started on Boxing Day, and which shows no sign of resolution. The Ayuntamiento has said that for its part it has made all due payments to Clusa, which is the company contracted to collect the rubbish, and which has been denounced now by its workers for pay owing for November, as well as December’s bonus, and various payments dating back to January this year.

Granadilla’s mayor said that Clusa was in a “delicate situation” given that the company was under embargo by Seguridad Social, which is why the workers haven’t been paid. The Council says it “enormously regrets” the problems this is bringing to the residents of Granadilla, and that it has done everything possible to avoid the strike. As the above details show, however, this is not a problem caused by the local authorities, who are now seeing if they have any legal recourse to solve the problem.

To add to the misery, neighbouring municipality San Miguel’s rubbish collectors have announced a work to rule because of lack of payments by the same company, Clusa, which also has the contract in that municipality as well. Rubbish collectors in San Miguel will work only between 2am and 8am, but will only collect up til 6 o’clock so that they will have time to take the refuse to the Arico dump. Normally, they start work at 9pm. Workers’ rep, Francisco Medina, said that San Miguel binmen are owed their December extra payment, despite promises that this would be paid by the 22nd.  El Dia

Original Post 24 December: Granadilla rubbish collectors are to strike indefinitely from Boxing Day, 26 December. The bin men say they have not been paid either wages or bonuses since November. The strike will involve 79 workers in total, who say they have tried to inform the managing business of their intentions, but their phonecalls go unanswered. The strike notice has, nonetheless, been presented to the Mediation, Arbitration and Conciliation Service (Semac). Granadilla Ayuntamiento says it is trying to mediate to avoid the strike action being taking.  Canarias7


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