Granadilla cancels all festive and cultural events in the municipio to end September

It won’t be the only council to do this, but Granadilla has announced that all the municipality’s festive and cultural events have been suspended until the end of September. The monies saved, in the region of €300,000, will be directed to social services, with the first tranche of monies specifically allocated to assist vulnerable families. The measure applies not only to official council events but also those organized through Fiesta Committees in towns in the municipio.

Granadilla mayor José Domingo Regalado said that the current situation is an exceptional health crisis in which the council must take steps to prevent contagion and allocate resources to help the most vulnerable families. Regalado confirmed that new staff have been hired as well as workers transferred from other areas to deal with the increase in requests for assistance. In a nutshell, the mayor said that “we can’t be thinking about organizing parties when hundreds of people are still dying every day in Spain, when there’s still no vaccine for the virus, and so preventing contagion is the most effective measure”.

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