Granadilla toughens stance on municipal dogs

Update 11 May 2013: Granadilla Ayuntamiento has said that it absolutely rejects the proposals introduced by the Asociación de Empresarios y Comerciantes de El Médano (ASEC) which would have allowed dogs to use one of the town’s beaches. Environment councillor Jacob Donate emphatically ruled out the suggestion, saying that if allowed, “beaches would be destroyed and tourism ruined”. Councillor Donate said he was surprised that the suggestion had been made at all, particularly given the area’s blue flag awards, and said that, if anything, the council would be tightening up rules for beach use, rather than relaxing them.

Original post 29 February 2012: Granadilla Ayuntamiento yesterday unanimously approved considerably tougher sanctions against careless animal owners. Mayor Jaime González Cejas said that he wanted to eradicate the uncivil behaviour of domestic animal owners, and the tough stance now bans animals from all the beaches, children’s parks and garden areas in Granadilla, and imposes fines of up to €15,000 for breaking the municipality’s rules.

These include a complete ban on any animals being kept without being registered and identified, being walked off a lead or without a bag to collect their business. Dogs classified as “potentially dangerous” must also be muzzled. The ordenance even contemplates the confiscation of animals “where it is deemed appropiate”. Some lesser fines might be commuted to community service orders. Environment councillor Juan Rodríguez Bello said that the Ayuntamiento was not just aiming to correct the behaviour of animal owners, but also to clean up the municipality.


  1. Good grief! So anybody who has a dog in Granadilla is now not allowed to walk them in the park or on the beach, and can never let them off the lead to run around? I predict some very obese dogs in Granadilla.

  2. Author

    They’re already required to be on leads everywhere in public spaces throughout Tenerife, and they aren’t allowed on any beaches anyway. What Granadilla is doing is restating the position, and toughening the fines for when people break the rules.

  3. I totally agree with the rule. The disturbing and bloody scene I witnessed a couple of weeks ago would have been avoided if the large dog involved (who was on a lead) had been muzzled and a small dog who was not on a lead (who should have been on a lead), whose owner did not appear for about 10 mins! Just before the police arrived. The large dog had the small dog by the throat. The small dog was still alive. Both stupid owners at fault.

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