GREIM – the Guardia Civil’s mountain rescue unit

Photo: Guardia Civil.

The Guardia Civil’s mountain rescue teams do an arduous and often dangerous job, but sometimes it must have its compensations! Below is a video from GREIM (Grupos de Rescate Especial de Intervención en Montaña) training to ensure they’re ready for any rescues they need to carry out in the freezing conditions such as we have at altitude in Tenerife today: it was -5.8º at half past midnight last night at the observatory, Aemet Izaña has reported, and got down to -13º at the Teleférico in the early hours of this morning! GREIM units train in different scenarios, and here is some footage of their exercises last winter. Meanwhile, at lower levels but still at 1km altitude in the west, we have 10º and warm sun … we were able to have breakfast outside this morning! 

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  1. It’s really good to be seeing such interesting Tenerife based videos like this on your website once again. Tenerife’s UK residents have always appreciated your wide knowledge of our adopted homeland, its history, it’s culture and it’s people, as well as your spot on news service for the benefit of local people. Thank you

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