Guachinches to become a brand to ensure quality and control

Jesus Morales Martinez and Jose Diaz Flores. Photo: Tenerife Cabildo.

It was almost exactly two years ago that the Canarian Government passed legislation regulating guachinches. The law was designed to control the proliferation of rural establishments which claimed to offer home-grown produce but which had really bought in supplies cheaply to entice those who wanted an authentic experience (see HERE). Many will be unsurprised that the measure didn’t work, not least because the plaque that was supposed to be issued upon registration – either annual or by harvest – was sold in certain outlets, and so an illegal guachinche could pass as authorised even to visual inspection.

Now the regional Government and the Tenerife Cabildo has  developed a system for a collective guachinche brand which they hope will provide the necessary controls. In their first meeting on the proposals, Cabildo agriculture councillor Jesus Morales Martinez and director of the Instituto de calidad Agroalimentaria del Gobierno de Canarias (ICCA – Canarian Government’s Food Quality Institute) Jose Diaz Flores announced their commitment to promoting the brand as a figure of recognized quality of guachinches, as well as a mechanism for proving that they are legally registered because the brand logo would only be issued upon application for a year or harvest, and rather like a car’s ITV, would be visually identifiable as valid. Once legally registered, a guachince would be promoted under the brand.

The councillor and director said they were pleased to reach the agreement for the commitment and that this first meeting had laid the foundations for a new and closer relationship and cooperation between the two administrations, and the development of a system to ensure guachinches were both legal, and of a quality that Tenerife’s tourism merits.

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