Guardia Civil arrests six to break up gang responsible for burglary crimewave in south Tenerife

The Guardia Civil says that it has arrested six men and broken up a gang responsible for a burglary crimewave in south Tenerife over recent months. Of the six arrested, five acted as burglars and the sixth a fence. The police operation started at the beginning of the year and was initiated due to the increase of denuncias of robberies in various municipalities around, and focused in, Arona, all using the same modus operandi. The six themselves lived in Guargacho, Arona and Granadilla de Abona, and police recovered some €20,000 worth of stolen goods when their dwellings were searched, as well as cash, weaponry, clothing and equipment for committing burglaries, and mobile phones. All will now be processed through the Courts while the Guardia Civil seeks to reconcile the seized goods with their previous owners.


  1. Author

    I’ve posted the information as given to me, and that didn’t include a specific date. It is an operation which has not long concluded however, after starting in January.

  2. I don’t suppose you know when the arrests were? My neighbour was broken into last night! ???

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