Guardia Civil ask for help to stamp out abomination of FGM in Spain

Today is International Day of Zero Tolerance for Female Genital Mutilation, which has been much in the news in recent years, and particularly over the past 48 hours as Ban Ki Moon, the United Nations secretary general, has added his voice to the clamour to end the barbaric practice (link).

The vast majority of cases occur in a band across sub-Saharan Africa despite being banned (link), and now the Guardia Civil in Spain has reminded the public that the genital mutilation of women, euphemistically called “female circumcision”, is a crime in Spain.

This is not something most of us will ever come across, but if you become aware of a single instance, call the Guardia Civil on 062. However little we as individuals might be able to do internationally, the police themselves are asking for our help to stamp out this abomination in Spain itself. As the following image shows, the police ask “can you imagine the pain?” “the infection?”, “the trauma?”. “Cutting is not a tradition, it is a crime”. Denounce it. Call 062.

FGM is a crime in Spain

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  1. An abomination. Well said Ban Ki Moon and the Spanish Guardia. The tradition is barbaric. Women everywhere should be valued and not made to suffer.

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