Guardia Civil breaks up international drugs ring supplying heroin and cocaine to the Canaries

Photo: Guardia Civil
Photo: Guardia Civil

The Guardia Civil says that its organized crime teams have broken up an important international drug trafficking ring in the Canaries which used drugs mules to bring in supplies from various European countries. The operation, codenamed Chaleco, was initiated last year after police became aware that there was an organization behind the distribution of heroin both in Tenerife, and has now seen 17 individuals arrested – 11 Guineans, 4 Spanish, 1 Senegalese, and a Cabo Verdean. The route into Tenerife was via LAnzarote, where the ringleader is said to be resident, and owner of an internet cafe which served as a supply locus.

During the police operation, 3.5 kilos of heroin were seized along with 1.5 kilos of cocaine, 5 kilos of a drug cutting substance, €34,650  in cash, 30,000 Guinea franks in cash, a taser, an extendable truncheon, 3 defence sprays, a vehicle, and a range of drugs preparation equipment. The Guardia Civil says that with these arrests this drugs ring is now totally broken up, and that the points of sale, primarily in La Laguna and Santa Cruz have been completely closed down.


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