Guardia Civil officers save life of swimmer off Candelaria

Two Guardia Civil officers saved the life of a 24-year-old Candelaria man shortly after midnight last night after he got into difficulties in the water near the Basilica. Police say that emergency services received reports that the bather was in trouble and it was a Guardia Civil patrol who got to the spot first. They found the man struggling some 100m out to sea and one of the pair, a strong swimmer who knew the waters there, stripped off his uniform and swam out to get him, not waiting for additional help because the sea was rough and the current strong. His fellow officer helped with a torch and directions, and between them, they averted what looked to be a tragedy in the making. The swimmer was treated at a local surgery, but like his rescuer, was mercifully unharmed.

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  1. Well done to the Guadia Civil officers, it’s the hardest thing to save someone from drowning.unless you nave done it you will never know just how hard. Again, well done.

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