Guardia Civil solve 31 burglaries with 3 arrests

The Guardia Civil says that with just three arrests they have solved 31 burglaries which have been committed throughout various municipalities in Tenerife. All robberies were committed with the same MO of waiting until premises were empty, and then entering and removing jewellery, televisions, video games, money, electronic equipment, and even clothes and shoes. The police recovered a stash of stolen items which was being kept in the house of the first to be arrested, and they say they are in the process of returning it to the victims of the thieves.


  1. Such good new’s this. Used to feel safe strolling around Palm Mar, but not anymore. Heard there was another break in on Laderas on Monday night only a few apartment’s away from me, find it very unnerving.

  2. I was robbed in July. They stole a lot of sentimental things as well as money I was saving for my daughters new wheelchair. I would like to think the police could return some of the things but I’m very doubtful. I haven’t heard anymore since it happened

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