Guardia Civil’s Seprona protecting animals as gifts and prizes over Christmas

Photo: Guardia Civil. 

The Guardia Civil has the first “green police” unit, Seprona, in the whole of Europe. Seprona stands for Servicio de Protección de la Naturaleza and it has now been going for more than 30 years. Its guiding mission is the conservation of nature and the environment, and we usually hear about the Unit in the autumn when alerts and requests for help are widespread for the hatching Pardelas (see HERE), but the Force’s remit is far more widespread, policing water resources, hunting, fishing and forestry protection. 

Photo: Emma Greenfield

One thing they do that is perhaps not widely understood is police animal maltreatment generally (see HERE), and so at this time of year, when animals are routinely given as gifts, or even prizes in Christmas raffles, they are the first port of call for any cruelty or abandonment we notice. Only last week I myself was caught up in the case of a poor little billy kid, just a month old, and in a crate for raffling in a village’s San Ándres fiesta. Thankfully on that occasion all was well, and the little creature was rescued by Refugio de animales Horse Holidays Tenerife

Other creatures, however, and not just turkeys, are not so fortunate at Christmas. If you see any animal suffering, or any situation that could give rise to suffering – regardless of species (other than human!) – just ring the Guardia’s catch-all number 062, ask for Seprona, and explain that you’re trying to report or help in the case of animal cruelty.

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