Gran Melía annual cross solidario charity run

Gran Melía annual cross solidario charity run

The popular Alcalá cross solidario charity run will take place on 18 April. This is a charitable run coordinated and sponsored by Guía de Isora Ayuntamiento, the Hotel Gran Meliá Palacio de Isora, Santisora triathlon club, and Fonteide, among others. Proceeds go to the needy in the municipality. Inscription is open until 12 April, and costs €10 plus a kilogram of non-perishable food. Children can take part, and the cost for their inscription is just that kilo of food.

The children’s race starts at 4pm, and the adults at 6pm. There are different circuits, a 5km “rapid” run mainly on the flat starting at the reception of the hotel to Calle La Plaza and ending at Alcalá plaza, a circuit which is doubled for the 10km run. Children, depending on ages, run set distances from 100m.

Prizes donated by the sponsors are 2 nights in the hotel for 2 for the first prize, and 1 night for 2 for the second prize; third prize is a dinner for 2 in Restaurante Pangea. Further information is available HERE, and runners can register HERE.

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