Guía de Isora Ayuntamiento warns of fraudulent water purification system sales carried out in its name

Guía de Isora Ayuntamiento has issued a warning to residents of the municipality that there appears to be a company calling door to door selling a water purification by osmosis system in the name of the council. The council says that the company, and the device which the callers install, has nothing to do with the council, and and any installation carried out will be unofficial and will result in an expensive installation charge. The council emphatically denies that it has signed any agreement with any business to operate in its name of, nor agreed a licence, nor given any permission for any water purification system to be sold in relation to Guia de Isora Ayuntamiento.


  1. No but I believe he has a franchise for whole Island .

  2. As I mentioned elsewhere our community (and also installed elsewhere) a Council Licensed “Pure Water” machine run by a private company which supply water at around 10c per litre .
    The water from council supply is filtered, then purified to remove organics , solids and dissolved solids via Reverse Osmosis down to a content below 200ppm which is much lower than most bottled water here from what I can see .
    The main benefit is the reduction in heavy metal content from our volcanic water supply (as well as not carrying it from the supermarket!).
    Our community supply is drinkable but Chlorinated so does have a ” taste” to it – I don´t mind boiling veg in it but not for Pasta or Rice .
    The Company supplies the machine and maintains it regularly as well as being monitored by council , I think we are on our 4th year with no issues ,
    I have no connection to or benifit from them, just some useful info !

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