Guía de Isora coastal environment being destroyed by Abama hotel’s desalination


Update 25 September: Guía de Isora Ayuntamiento has commissioned a study from La Laguna University to investigate the leak. The hotel appears to be denying that the evidence in the video is connected with Abama, and there are suggestions that it might take legal action against its authors.

Original post 21 September: It’s the pipe, it seems, that carries the salt from the hotel’s desalination plant … it broke three years ago and hasn’t been fixed. The “volcano of salt” that’s being pumped out is therefore not being carried out far enough, and is killing the seagrass area near the coast. This is the area of Tenerife’s great hope … and although I’m not the world’s greatest seagrass fan, it seems that the damage won’t stop there, and will have repercussions for the general environment of the sea in the area.

The above video shows it happening. HERE‘s a link to an article in Aquí Sur which has the same video with wording in Spanish to describe what is being seen. The commentator on the video says: the Hotel Abama knows but it would cost them money to repair it; the Ayuntamiento de Guía de Isora knows but says nothing; diving clubs know but fear reprisals; and the Enviroment Department knows, but they don’t want problems”. As the commentator ends: now some more know too.


  1. Fonsalia will be next hit when the desalination plant is active

    It’s not only salt which is the problem
    Raw sewerage is being pumped into playa Paraiso beach and just recently photos taken of the same problem in candalaria both are popular swimming beaches

  2. Author

    And Playa Paraiso home to another 5* hotel too, of course. Insanity on stilts.

  3. It amazes me that nothing is being done about this, especially when you consider that Abama is something of a paradigm for the whole Tenerife tourism plan.
    Thanks for help drawing attention to this, Janet. Let’s hope the publicity will shame Abama, or at least the relevant authorities, into doing the right thing.

  4. Raw sewage is not a new problem, unfortunately, and is not restricted to playa Parisio. I used to fish from a boat off los gigantes several years ago and the stuff was floating everywhere. Of course the authorities are aware but, as is so sadly typical here, the problems are not acknowledged and nothing is done …… and so it goes on.

  5. This could kill the tourist trade in the Canaries probably. Why are there no proper procedures to deal with these problems? What does the EU say about this?

  6. Author

    I think this is a regional issue, and I don’t really see in which context the EU could become involved.

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