Guía de Isora Feria de Saldo this Saturday, 14 November

feria saldo guia isora (680 x 957)

Guía de Isora will hold its own Feria de Saldo this Saturday, 14 November, between 10am and 3pm in the square outside the cultural centre – on the left by the post office in the main road through the town. All these markets aim to give a boost to local businesses, who are selling ends of line, or much-reduced or leftover stock, and there are often some real bargains to be found.



  1. Janet can you help any further on exact location please? Googling gives me a number of possible destinations from Play San Juan to Guia de Isora town.

    1. Author

      Well as I say, it’s in Guía de Isora, on the left by the post office as you enter town (assuming coming from Adeje direction). That’s Guía de Isora TOWN, as shown on the poster – you’re looking at Guía de Isora municipality.

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