Guía de Isora Fiestas del Volcán 2012

An exhibition of marble sculptures by artist Maribel Sánchez is being held from today until 20 December in the Centro Cultural in Guía de Isora. The centre is on the main road through the town on the left if you’re heading away from Adeje. The exhibition opens this evening at 7.30pm, and from tomorrow, will be open to the public between 8am and 3pm, and 5-9pm on week days. It is part of the Fiestas de Volcán programme, about which there is more information on the Ayuntamiento’s website HERE, or by phone on 922 851 440.


  1. Hi Janet

    Will there be a fiestas del volcano this November as I have just seen it in an old guide. If so do you have the dates and time. Thanks Sue

  2. Author

    yes, one takes place each year so I would expect so but there aren’t specific details yet about this year.

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