Guía de Isora introduces new event – 1st Noche de tapas y vino in Playa San Juan on 21 March

Update 19 March: Just a reminder of the Noche de tapas y vino in Playa San Juan on Saturday evening. Pick up the participation cards from the stand at the entrance to the harbour. It all starts at 7.30pm.

Original post 18 February: Guía de Isora has announced a new event – the first Tapas and Wine Night. It will be held on the Avda. El Emigrante, at the entrance to Playa San Juan harbour on Saturday, 21 March, from 7.30 to midnight. The public will be able to enjoy tapas and wine from just €1, and there’ll be live music to bring the night alive as well.


  1. It’s the first time they have run this event so to some extent they are making it up as they go along but many events in Guia, and the,rest of the island assume you, as extrajeneros should know what is happening without giving you essential information. We went to the Indianos event in Alcala in January and wondered why many people were wearing white and smoking puros. no mention of it on publicity beforehand. Afterwards we worked out it was all to do with emigration and return from Cuba. Again in Alcala we went to see the procession of the Virgen de Candelaria and the publicity said it would be taking the “usual route” eh? We worked out it would end in the Plaza de Llano but it took a bit of thinking about to get to that point. Things are getting better, at
    least,Guia de Isora have a Facebook page, and an IOS app, although it’s not updated often.

  2. Author

    Yes, as usual, very sketchy. Thanks Stewart. They don’t seem to realize that to get people in in the first place they need to entice them … with information …

  3. As usual, information is a bit sketchy. Guia’s Facebook page says all will be revealed on Saturday. However what I have managed to learn is that the event starts at 7:30pm and goes on until midnight. There will be a children’s area where you can leave children between the ages of 3 and 14 between 8pm and 10pm. Tapas will cost 1€ or 2€ and wine will be 1€ a glass. Bodegas from across the island will have stalls and some restaurants will also have stalls. It looks as though you will need to buy 1€ tickets from a stand near the harbour entrance and use these to buy your food and wine. There will be a live group and a DJ. Parking will be restricted, they are already towing away cars parked near the stage and kiosk near the harbour entrance and buses will be diverted up and down Avenida Reina Sofia, they will not run along Avenida del Emigrante. I guess the road will be closed just after the turn to Avenida Reina Sofia and somewhere around the San Borodon restaurant. Let’s hope the weather doesn’t spoil things.

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