Guía de Isora sets €500 fine for dog walkers who do not carry a bag to clean up mess

Guía de Isora Ayuntamiento has said that it has had to take drastic measures with dog owners in order to avoid fouling in public spaces. The new Ordenanza de Convivencia en Lugares Públicos now requires all who walk their dogs on any public land to carry a bag to clean up after them. Anyone found not doing so will receive a €500 fine.

Note that this fine is just for not carrying a bag. Dogs do not even have to foul a pavement for the fine to be imposed. Mayor Pedro Martín Domínguez said that “despite the fact that there are many responsible dog owners who clean up after their dogs, there are many others who use public gardens and play areas as dog toilets, creating situations which carry unacceptable health risks”.

This is borne out no more clearly, perhaps, than in a current story from the UK, where a little girl is at risk of losing her eyesight after falling over in a play area and getting dog faeces in her eye.

Sr Martín said that dogs must wear collars and leads when in public spaces, owners must carry bags to clean up after them, and that any Policía Local officer can require a dog walker to prove that he or she has a bag with them. Anyone who does not will receive a €500 fine.  El Dia

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  1. Please, please, please may Granadilla do this!!!!!! Please also may they fine people for illegal parking……just think how they could swell the coffers by doing these simple things!

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