Guía de Isora to have second golf course

The municipality of Guía de Isora is to have a second golf course to complement the Abama course in its golf tourism offer. Mayor Pedro Martín didn’t confirm which part of the area is to be developed, though he hinted that it would be land that is currently agricultural, but confirmed that investors are already interested in the project, and that drafts are drawn up. Local water supplies would not be endangered, said the mayor, who noted that the drafts allowed for desalinated sea water to keep the course green. Sr Martìn said that Guía de Isora’s tourism development would not necessarily be in the form of further construction, but that a second golf course would be appropriate for the upmarket developments like the 5* Abama and Melía hotels. Quality, not quantity, is the key for Guía de Isora, said Mayor Martín.


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