Drinking water warning for Guía de Isora, Aripe and Alcalá

The Health Department, Sanidad, has lifted the warning that was put in place recently (2 May post, immediately below) for fluoride in the drinking water in Guía de Isora town centre, as well as Aripe and Alcalá. The fluoride level is now again under the permitted maximum. Diario de Avisos

Original Post 2 May: Guía de Isora Ayuntamiento has issued a drinking water warning for children under 8 not to drink the tap water in Guía casco (town centre), Aripe, and Alcalá because of an excess of fluoride detected in the water supplies. The Guía de Isora mayor, Pedro Martín Domínguez, stressed that there was no risk, but that the Council was merely taking sensible precautions given the reading of 1.6 (the maximum is 1.5). The authorities and the water company Entemanser are flushing water through the Hoya de Leña galería to resolve the problem.  El Dia

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