Güímar among first to start complying with new Canarian Government measures to improve beach and bathing safety throughout the Canaries

The Canarian Government recently approved new measures which require local Ayuntamientos to improve beach and bathing safety. One of the first to comply with the new regulations is Güímar, which has already started adapting the municipality’s coastline with the installation of informative posters providing detailed descriptions of the bathing area, location of the surveillance and first aid posts, times of lifeguard presence and rescue service, etc., as well as beach safety conditions including what the various flags mean. The information is technologically up to date, too, with a QR code on the signs that can be scanned by smartphone to show the beach conditions in real time thanks to a direct connection to the Canarian Government’s General Directorate of Security and Emergencies website.

The Government itself hopes that these new measures will transform beach safety throughout the Canaries over the next four years, the period in which all councils must be fully compliant with the regulations. These go way beyond signage to inform the public, with councils required to draw up detailed plans for security and rescue for all beaches within their remit.


  1. Can anyone tell me what one of the ‘prohibited logos’ represents please. It is the bottom right hand one of the eight. To me it looks like a person holding a mug of tea in one hand, pointing at the sky with their other arm, and all the while standing under a shower!

    Totally agree with William’s comment re lack of toilets.

    1. Author

      It does look like someone under a shower, perhaps with a flannel … so perhaps “no showering”?

  2. Major problem in our area is zero toilets. 100’s visit our beach every weekend staying overnight in cars and tents. The cactus area between the beach is covered in human excrement, toilet paper and wet wipes. There are prominent signs forbidding camping but even people paying a short visit to the beach do occasionally need to use the toilet. There are no bars or cafes close by.

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