Güímar Pyramids Ethnographic Park introduces new attraction, the Sustainable Garden

Photo: Tenerife Cabildo

The Tenerife Cabildo has announced the opening of the latest attraction at the Güímar Pyramids Ethnographic Park, the Sustainable Garden, a 1.000 m² space which reproduces the environment of a Canarian water course through a barranco with endemic species – did you know that eels, the only freshwater fish here, used to live in barrancos? It is beautiful, and another reason to visit this lovely space just outside Güímar town.

guimar (860 x 574)

Photo: Gïímar Ethnographic Park

The formal opening took place last Friday 1 April at the park, was attended by Mr. Fred Olsen, owner of the Ethnographic Park Pyramids of Güímar, several Cabildo councillors, Güímar mayor Carmen Luisa Castro, and professors from La Laguna Universeity who are scientific directors of the project. Fred Olsen and Güímar Pyramids Ethnographic Park are partner companies with Tenerife Tourism.

guimar 2 (860 x 574)

Photo: Gïímar Ethnographic Park

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