Happy Birthday Rosie

She has her own page HERE, so she deserves a post to herself to mark her first birthday. Rosie is one year old today, and the photo above is a side-by-side of her at 6 weeks when she first came to us and one taken recently in the nearest we could get to the same pose in the same place.

When I first started her page, I said she was a stubborn, pig-headed, opinionated, disobedient little madam … and loyal, loving, gentle, calm, affectionate, and incredibly intelligent! I see no reason to change that description, though the disobedience has given way to compliance … when it suits her!

She is, too, if anything, even more loving, gentle, calm and affectionate, and incredibly intelligent than ever, and it pleases me no end that recently two separate people have said she’s quite clearly “a happy dog”. She certainly seems to be, and we couldn’t feel luckier. Happy Birthday Rosie, and we hope, many happy returns!


  1. Happy Birthday Rosie!!! I hope you enjoy your special day very much 😀

    She really is a little sweetheart, though now not so little as the pictures clearly show 🙂

  2. Yes, Happy Birthday Rosie. One year has passed so quickly.

  3. Happy birthday Rosie xxxx my puppy has just turned 8 months and is still all of the above but we hope by 1 year she will be the same as Rosie!

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