Happy New Year!

Well 2020 kept playing games right to the end, with the phone going on the blink, the dishwasher breaking, and then at 11pm on 30 December, the internet going off. It came back on at 6am today. The appalling service by that abject company Movistar has left an unknown number of people in west Tenerife without internet access to the outside world on the two days of the year, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day, when most people want to be in touch with other human beings, and when they are unable, this season, even to be out of doors after 10pm let alone in groups for social company. Movistar is an utter disgrace of a company, and for reasons which are unfortunately peculiar to our location, we can’t have an alternative, at least not until fibre optic becomes available which, it seems, is imminent. That’s Movistar imminent no doubt.

Thanks to this level of service that deserves no such name, being offline has meant that the draft update for the Brexit post appeared as scheduled when it was never meant to appear in that form. I’ve now added the update to the actual Brexit post, and this has meant that one comment has disappeared with the draft which I’ve now deleted. Other comments have been delayed in appearing because everything is now manually approved, so, for those who have complained that their comment didn’t appear, with various assumptions as to why they’ve been “censored” or “disallowed”, it was nothing of the sort. I was simply not online. But to make a point, again, this is a private blog that facilitates comments, not provides a right to a voice. If you want that, please go to Facebook. To some who complained that their comment about travel wasn’t allowed, I repeat, I was not online and will add, again, that this is not a travel website. Yes, Spain has extended its ban, and yes, residents are the only ones allowed in, and yes, only those with actual Registros or TIEs can enter … that has now been confirmed by the FCDO, but I had already given that confirmed information myself.

So, my resolutions for 2021 will be to stay up my mountain, get more chickens, try (and no doubt fail) to be kinder to the “confused”, and continue to steer this website back to a private blog about life in Tenerife, and away from the sorts of issues that properly belong on TripAdvisor. For the moment, however, a Happy New Year!


  1. Agree with all your comments Janet About movie Star!
    Something about the end of 2020. Robert Oxygen concentrator gave up 2am New Year’s Day (good job I’m a light sleeper) and my washing machine stopped working the same day! Just wants to take in water!
    We wish you a very happy new year Janet and I’ve some fan tail chickens if you’d like a couple. X

  2. I have a copia simple, of my green, certificado de Registro de cuidadano de la union dated 2010.
    im in the UK now but I need to get back to tenerife to sort out my bank.
    Do you think I would be allowed in. Thank you for your brilliant information, and happy new year.

    1. Author

      If you mean a notarised copy, then the answer is “maybe”. The rules say it must be the original, and a photocopy would not be acceptable.

  3. Happy New Year to thee also!
    Id noticed one of my idiotic comments had been removed, but since I’d also noticed your “Update Title” post had appeared in an odd format, there were one or two possibilities to consider….. Firstly, I thought perhaps you disappeared to Buck House for your beheading and left the whole shebang in the capable hands of the chickens.
    Secondly that, since it’s very quiet up here on our mountain, the hot tub and the wine had taken their toll on my sanity and I’d never even posted anything. (A very GOOD possibility actually!) Or…
    Thirdly, Endesa had managed to cut half the island off…. yet again!
    I admit, Movistar hadn’t crossed my mind,

  4. I live in Vera de Erques Janet and after the appalling service from movistar,we changed providers to Freedom internet and had brilliant service, no problems whatsoever. Hope this is useful information, really appreciate all you do on this site

  5. Good for you Janet!!
    Take back your private Blog as it was always ,
    .not a travel updated forum here.
    I love your sense of people !

    Happy New Year,enjoy your chickens and keep smiling there.xx😂😂😊

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