Tenerife’s Hard Rock Hotel, only the second in the whole of Europe

Photo: Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife page.

Updated 23 January 2017: If you were wondering what the Hard Rock Hotel was really like, Tenerife-based travel writers Jack and Andy Montgomery have given a full review of it on The Real Tenerife HERE.

Updated 15 October 2016: As promised, it’s mid October, and the Hard Rock Hotel is officially open. Canarian Tourism Minister Ricardo Fdez de la Puente Armas expressed his congratulations and said that the hotel’s marvellous journey starts here. Doors open to visitors today, with a formal grand opening set for 10 December. Tickets costing €25 are available HERE.

Updated 2 August: It’s still on schedule to open to guests in mid October, in just 70-odd days time, and already the official “grand opening” ceremony for Europe’s second Hard Rock Hotel has been announced for 10 December. The hotel says that “bringing the spirit of the ‘80s to Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife’s open-air stage, the Grand Opening Party will offer an extravaganza of colour, dance floor fillers and sing-a-long classics.”

Appearing in the official opening will be the “one and only kings of disco, Village People, known for their scores of disco classics including ‘In the Navy’, ‘Macho Man’ and ‘Y.M.C.A’”. Also there will be “Italian trio Blackbox, creators of the 1989 best-selling record ‘Ride on Time’, American dance-pop and hip hop group C+C Music Factory known for a string of hit singles including ‘Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)’ and ‘Things That Make You Go Hmmm’, African artist Rozalla of dancefloor classic ‘Everybody’s Free’ and DJ trio Dream Team Reload, fresh from their Ibiza season.”

The traditional “Guitar Smash” will announce the hotel’s formal opening, but for bookings made before end September for the period 15 October to 10 December, Tenerife residents will get a 15% discount off the €99 per person B&B tariff. Book HERE, and have a look at the hotel at the official website HERE.

Original post 17 May: The new Hard Rock Hotel in Playa Paraiso is already taking bookings in advance of its opening in mid-October with a grand opening in December. Sergio Zertuche, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for the Palladium Hotel Group, said the Hard Rock Hotel would open on October 15th, “and we already have a reservation for October 16th, so we have to be open by then”. He was discussing the renewal of the area in general and the changes a hotel of this quality and kind would bring to the zone while speaking to press following a morning session with the Adeje authorities and local Playa Paraíso businesses in the FIT centre in the Adeje Centre for Tourism Development.

Adeje mayor José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga said the hotel would act as a market accelerator in what was already an attractive area, “increasing the competitive element. We have an opportunity to renew the zone with a product that his completely different and focus in a new way, that will complement our move to diversify our tourism offer”. During the morning session the concerns of the local small and medium businesses were taken on board too, with measures discussed as to how best to meet the new kind of clientele the Hard Rock Hotel would bring to Playa Paraíso.

Tenerife’s will be the second Hard Rock Hotel in Spain following the first in Ibiza. The Playa Paraíso hotel isn’t a copy of the Ibiza hotel, however, instead adapting to its new surroundings. Many of the elements will be similar, of course, and will in the main, cater for young couples and families. There will be three pools, a number of different restaurants, a beach club, Rock spa, Body Rock gym and a Hard Rock Roxity Kids Club among the amenities on offer. Residents of Playa Paraíso will also be able to enjoy many of the facilities, with restaurants and bars open to the public.

The hotel will also have a Vibe Manager, “who will look after the vibe in each zone, check the music is right”, so you could have someone playing an electric guitar solo at the pool bar, and something completely different in another part of the hotel “and pop-up performances” too. Some €70m has been invested in the hotel, which has inolved the complete renovation of an existing hotel in the resort, converting it in the process from a 3-star to a 5-star hotel. There will be 624 rooms – down from over 1,000 in the original building – but with the different clientele and increased luxury standard, the income for Adeje will be at least the same, if not much higher.

In addition to the new hotel, there is a local plan developed by FIT (Factory for Tourism Innovation) in partnership with the Chamber of Commerce, the Tenerife Cabildo and Turismo de Tenerife to help renovate the area with the existing small and medium enterprises in Playa Paraíso. The plan will be unrolled in four phases, and will see a series of innovation workshops, point of sales diagnostic, assistance on interior renovations and upgrades and an overall improvement of the tourist spaces in the resort. The aim is to improve and upgrade the local commercial offer to meet the needs of the new clients and at the same time improve the income potential of the businesses themselves.

Playa Paraiso looks like it’s going places.


  1. If you go in Playa Paraiso now, it is better than 10 years. The atmosphere is calm and very kind, the promenade is great and calm, is very beautiful and has a lot of trees other than palms and nice flowers all the year. We have tested all of the coast in the South of Tenerife.

    This is not the case in the others places. There are not all these colours of nature in the over-built Los Cristianos and Las Americas. Or Palm-Mar where the promenade who is so short and no really flowered, and where there is no nice beach. Or Callao Salvaje where there are no promenade, and not a lot of flowers.
    Anybody who lives in Paraiso will ensure all of this…

    So, in Paraiso, ok, there are 2 towers who will be with colours and deco, with sky bar with great views opened to everybody, no restriction, no need to have a room.

    In Cristianos and others places, there are… 20, 30, 40 buildings on the same superficie . With zero green zone. Only for the holidaymakers who pay a room. Then, so worst there than Paraiso ?

  2. Playa Paraiso is on of the ugliest places in Tenerife with it’s hideous high rise buildings. It would be better to flatten the place and start again.

  3. It’s great the hotels are being renovated and upgraded because playa paraiso felt abandoned for many years .lets hope it has a possitive effect on the locals!! Its a lovely part of the coast

  4. Great news for Playa Paraiso it sure needs shot in the arm the place looks tired and worn out.

    Hope it generates local employment too.

  5. Fantastica espero que pueden empezar de dar una multa a la gentes que no limpian los caca sus perros

  6. Very good, can’t wait to rock

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